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Jessica Pope was lucky enough to grow up in a family full of craftsmen. From a young age, she sewed quilts with her grandmother and learned to crochet and knit from her great-grandmother. The men in her family were woodworkers and tinkerers, always building something and taking something else apart. Her mother, a painter and assemblage artist, taught her how to repurpose old things and give them a new life. Originally from Boise, Idaho, she made her way to the Savannah College of Art & Design in 2001 where she honed her inherited love of craft while studying Fibers and Printmaking. 

At SCAD, she fell in love with the process of bookbinding and started making journals using covers of vintage books. “The repetition of cutting and folding paper, punching holes and sewing books is simple and beautiful. I tend to be a bit obsessive so doing the same thing repeatedly is comforting to me. What’s amazing is that each book is completely different, even though the materials are the same. The covers I choose are all gently used and completely unique, so each one takes on a personality of its own as the book comes together.”

Her brand, Buck & Doe Goods, offers vintage, upcycled and handmade products, all with a story to tell.

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