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My work is involved with instinct and accident. Though I rather react to a subject, I do keep in mind and in hand principles of movement and economy, speed and light, and appreciate interplay between illusory and non-illusory space and form. Rhythm matters a great deal, formally, as do contrasts between areas of quiet and of activity. I'm glad for the materials to indicate for themselves what should happen, what is effective, what isn't, and value the surprise of each when ground and water and gravity impact it -- as well as choices I then must make. I work with vine and compressed charcoal, pastel, and acrylic wash with large brushes on heavy hot pressed watercolor paper, canvas and panel. I appreciate still life and other subject matter that have meaning for me, either formally or historically or both, and am encouraged when subjects are able to achieve their own light, which is, I'm finding, helped by preservation of collateral negative space, when it's able to read 'light' to partner with the subject.

Hartman holds a master of fine arts degree from Savannah College of Art and Design and a bachelor of arts in art history from Davidson College. She has worked as an artist in Savannah since 1997. In tandem with figure, animal, and still life exhibition, Hartman works as a commissioned portrait artist. She is a native of Charleston, West Virginia.
Instagram: @maryhartmanstudio

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